A Poet’s Circus by Sophia

Sophia began her blog of literature A Poet’s Circus in 2010motivated by her desire to explore a literary world that interconnects with the realities of everyday life. She sees reading as a way of exploring unreachable worlds and connecting with characters that first lived in the imagination of the writer—and yet become a part of her life as she reads on. In her blog Sophia shares literature reviews and original poetry. She utilizes syllables and rhythm to create poems that allow her to express herself—words and stanzas that cultivate the inspiration of a young teen. Sophia’s blog shows her true personality, as she shares her thoughts and ideas through creative writing and walks away from superficial judgments.


Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Song: "Open minded about music. I like everything."
Place: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Minute by Minute by Aquiles Damiron

Aquiles began to share daily-life thoughts, concepts, inspirations and interests in 2009 in his blog of note Minute by Minute. He is a social observer—walking through life—simply trying to understand…wondering…appreciating the minutes that go by. As a student of politics at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, he is interested in the way political theories meet reality and the way politics influence our daily lives. The main objective of Minute by Minute is to take a moment to reflect—to think—as we run toward the goals—to exchange ideas and share thoughts in a globalized society.

Movie: Julie and Julia, Changeling
Song: A Wish by Gregory and the Hawk
Place: Boston Harbor

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The Trendy Dwarf by Michael Tornato

Author of fashion blog The Trendy Dwarf, Michael has a special interest for fashion. He began his blog in the summer of 2009 in an effort to share fashion ideas and present new trends. Through blogging he has discovered that he has always been fashion conscientious, but never realized it until recently when he became obsessed with fashion blogs and fashion websites from around the world. Not only does Michael love fashion, but he loves to write and blog his opinions on the industry. What is it that makes him so happy and always interested in fashion? "The creativity and the little details involved in the designs of the clothing. Without those miniature details fashion and clothing would be boring!" Michael Tornato currently follows over 200 fashion blogs and visits each of them at least twice a day. He spends at least 6 hours a day preoccupying himself with the maintenance of his blog and keeping up with comments and commenting on other blogs and posting new posts daily and reading fashion websites and blogs. He loves to constantly be in touch with new trends and new looks and new designs. "That's what fashion is all about. Change. It changes every time someone wears something new or wears something old, but instead of wearing it like everyone else they decided to wear it in a new way. Fashion is all about change, therefore we that love fashion must keep up with this world." 

Movie: Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist
Song: "2 milli" by Soulja Boy and "Around the Bend" by The Asteroids
Place: New York City

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